One day in December, I decided to go to Italy to re-think what I truly enjoy doing. Living in New York, you face the immense amount of time you invest in building and maintaining a business, so intensely that you forget that this time is your precious life. It’s better to do something you really like and fulfill your personal growth.

With these thoughts, I traveled to Italy at the beginning of December. However, being with family made me feel too protected, and I couldn’t fully feel myself. So, I decided to randomly go to Marrakesh, where everybody speaks a language that I don’t understand.

During the few days there, especially over Christmas, I certainly felt alone, but that gave me the space to grab my camera and wander around, shooting whatever caught my interest without a specific focus.

When I later reviewed the pictures I took, I realized how many walls I had captured! It made me question, “What the F am I doing here?”… And I found an answer, slowly realizing it.