Alessandro has worked since 1989 as a professional photographer, Art Director and developing fashion brands and beyond. He has achieved an elegant and minimalist style, transforming ideas into sharp visuals, through the web and print.

Born in Bologna, Italy, he has produced work in Milan and Paris before his arrival to New York City in 2006, and continued to lead on new projects in the ever evolving fashion industry.

Equipped with exceptional skills in photography, he possesses extensive knowledge of the analog and digital processes, that allowed him to work for several years as a freelancer for fashion brands, handling all aspects of production, the offset printing process, along with other canonical defining signals of the brands.

As of today, he is based in New York City, and works with his clients undertaking all aspects of the creation of all photographs, video and graphic visuals.

Additionally, he is currently working on a few projects as a visual artist, that allow him to explore the potentiality of visual expression, beyond the pragmatic restrictions of marketing strategies.